Money Acceleration series is for you if...

  • Only ever seem to have “enough to get by,” even though you grind every day 
  • ​Are a workaholic
  • ​Make plenty of money, but feel like you’ve hit a ceiling
  • ​Feel like you don’t deserve to make more money
  • ​Spend hours crunching numbers
  • ​Won’t even start on your dream, because you can’t imagine yourself making money doing something you love

When you enroll in the Money Acceleration series, you will:

  • Release your unconscious blocks, both learned and inherited
  • Rewrite your beliefs around money so that they serve YOU
  • ​Draw in more money-making opportunities
  • ​Feel the confidence to raise your prices and gain more clients
  • ​Receive more gifts from the universe (from finding a penny to meeting a high-paying new client)
  • ​​Immediately feel more productive, empowered, and inspired to create prosperity for yourself


  • ​​Detailed instructions to help you accelerate the healing process
  • ​Clearing Inherited Money Beliefs Activation MP3 download
  • ​Honoring Money Healing Activation MP3 download
  • ​Attracting Money Healing Activation MP3 download
  • BONUS: Prioritizing Your Day Activation MP3 download
  • ​​PDF downloads of the affirmations
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Attract the PROSPERITY you need, desire, and deserve... without stressing, pushing, or grinding.
“Working with Lisa, my body and spirit feel so much lighter. I had years of anxiety ‘stuck’ in my body that I just could not get rid of, no matter what I did. Lisa also helped my son overcome his fear of shots, which was a huge deal! We are blessed to have found Lisa!”
May Paolim,
“Her work lasts. It’s life changing!I was trapped, stuck, suffocating behind these old emotions I didn’t even know I had! Lisa actually made it possible for my body to heal. It’s not just some feel good for a day then back to old ways. Her work is life changing!”
Sophia Dalton,
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